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Spiritual Formation
And The Future Of The
Stone-Campbell Churches

Essays by:

Kent Ellett, David Langford,
Joe R. Jones, Carson Reed


    Table of Contents

Endorsement:  Jeff Childers

Foreword by Philip Kenneson

Introduction by Kent Ellett

About the Speakers


Spiritual Formation and Christian Discourse

The Shaping Power of Christian Discourse,  Joe R. Jones


Spiritual Formation and Holy Scripture

Reading from the Center: Listening with Faith,  Kent A. Ellett


Spiritual Formation In Church and Family

Loving Family More by Loving it Less,  David Langford


Spiritual Formation and The Sacraments

Beyond Getting Wet: The Tapestry of
God’s Story and Our Practice of Baptism, 
Carson Reed



             About the Authors:


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Kent Ellett

Kent Ellett, M. Div Christian Theological Seminary, has served for 15 years as the minister of the Speedway Church of Christ in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Joe Jones

Stanley Hauerwas has written that along with the work of a couple others, Joe Jones’ systematic theology, A Grammar of Christian Faith, is “destined to be the book that signals the recovery of the Christian voice in modernity.”  Joe Jones is professor emeritus of theology and ethics at Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis, Indiana.  A life long member of the Disciples of Christ, Jones has enjoyed a wide-ranging teaching and administrative career at places like Phillips University, CTS and most recently at Yale. 

 Philip Kenneson

Philip Kenneson is professor of theology and philosophy at Milligan College in Johnson City, Tennessee.  Raised in Independent Christian Churches, he is the author of the widely read, Life on the Vine, a penetrating analysis of American Culture and how the church’s character is shaped.  Some of his other work include Selling Out the Church: The Dangers of Church Marketing, and Beyond Sectarianism: Re-imagining Church and World

 David Langford

David Langford has served for 17 years as a pulpit minister and more recently as an Elder at the Quaker Avenue Church of Christ in Lubbock, Texas.  He has a PHD in family therapy from Texas Tech University, and he is the author of the Faith Chronicles Series for families.  He has recently also published book of essays on the Christmas story, A Curse, A Cradle and a Cross.

 Carson Reed

Carson Reed, D. Min from Abilene Christian University, is a pastor’s pastor.  He currently serves as senior minister at the Northlake Church of Christ in Atlanta, Georgia.  Brother Reed recently spent time doing research on biblical authority at Tyndale House, Cambridge University.  He is steeped in the Stone-Campbell tradition, and is the author of numerous articles wrestling with issues of authority, worship and spiritual formation.


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