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Recovering The
Restoration Ideal

This volume is a summary presentation of the story of the "Restoration Move-ment."


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Thomas A. Langford

Quaker Avenue
Church of Christ

Lubbock, Texas

Thomas earned the doctorate in English literature at Texas Christian University and taught at Texas Tech University. He had a thirty-year career with Texas Tech, as Professor of English and eventually Dean of the Graduate School. He also served thirty years as an elder in the Quaker Avenue Church of Christ. Thomas has been happily married for fifty-one years to the former Nellie Jo Cunningham of Dexter, New Mexico.



  Table of Contents

   New Preface

  Original Preface


Roots of Restoration: 
Historical Yearnings

American Beginnings: 
“Declaration and Address”

Brush Run to Sand Creek: 
The Dream Flourishes and Flounders

Restoration Today: 
A Continuing Opportunity

 A Restoration Bibliography

Letters of Peace


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