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Networking Nuggets

Eddy Ketchersid


Table of Contents

Acknowledgements & Endorsements

Foreword:  There’s A Little Bit Of Gold In This Book

About The Author

Three Ways This Book Can Help You

 Introduction:  How To Eat Fish

Ch. 1          Connecting – It’s Vital To Your Success

Ch. 2          Connecting – What Is Your Target?

Ch. 3          Connecting – Yes, But How?

Ch. 4          Connecting – Meet Them Where They Are

Ch. 5          5 Point Check List For Initial Connection

Ch. 6          Positive Attraction –
                    How To Help People Like You

Ch. 7          Positive Attraction –
                    The Way You Carry Yourself

Ch. 8          Barbecue First – To Help People Like You

Ch. 9          Trust – How Do You Develop It?

Ch. 10        Competition – Make It Your Friend

Ch. 11        Ca$h In On The Power Of “A Good Word”

Ch. 12        A Thank You Note Is Powerful

Ch. 13        Your 30/60 Second Commercial –
                    Why It’s So Important

Ch. 14        Life Serves Lemons With Everything

Ch. 15        What Goes Around Comes Around


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