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The Writings of
N. E. Rhodes, Jr.

Classic Writers Series
of Gospel Tidings

Editor:  David Langford



-Table of Contents-



-Introduction and Preface-

A collection of 155 articles
published by Gospel Tidings
over a span of six decades!

A 418-page volume!

Includes several extended series such as:

     Great Moments in Romans

     The Life of Peter

     The Incarnation

   Editor, David Langford:

 As well known as he was for his preaching,
 N.E. Rhodes, Jr. had as much or more influence among the Non-Sunday School Churches of Christ through his writing, contributing over 200 articles for the Christian Appeal and the Gospel Tidings. At a time when a liberal arts college education was rare among any preachers in Churches of Christ of all stripes, this Vanderbilt-educated preacher became a model for many, not only in their preaching but in their thinking. N.E.ís messages rarely addressed the multiple arguments which divided brethren in the Churches of Christ, but focused instead on larger and more substantial topics such as the nature of God, the incarnation of Jesus, the work of the Holy Spirit, as well as addressing the many challenges to faith generated by modern science and philosophy. Long before it was fashionable to do so, N.E. preached and wrote extensively about the power of prayer, the nature of the Holy Spirit and his work in the transformation and sanctification of believers. N.E. was a regular writer for Gospel Tidings contributing as many as five articles a year and often writing extended series, the longest of which was his 35 article series on the apostle Peter. Reading these articles it is clear why N.E. enjoyed a reputation for being an engaging thinker, an effective communicator and a faithful preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is my prayer that by making this collection available the teaching and influence of N.E. Rhodes will be extended to yet another generation of disciples.


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