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My Silent Cry

Poetry From The Heart

Patryna Goosby


Seaira,     Isaiah,   Patryna




by Veronica Swann Young-Taylor

Iíve watched Patryna Goosby grow from a scared young single mother to the confident
courageous God-fearing young woman she is today.  Through all of the trials and
tribulations of sexual abuse, being a teen mother, becoming part of the system at a
young age, dropping out of school, she still maintained her pride and dignity.  Iíve
watched her grow as a person, a mother and a Christian.  Patryna wrote her books
and poetry to express all the pain and joy she experienced along the way. Her hopes
and dreams have always been that she could help young people who are going through,

or have been through, what she has overcome.  Iíve watched Patryna put God and her
children first in her life.  Patryna has always sought the counsel of the religious leaders
and elders for counsel through her life.   You donít see that much these days.  As Patryna has always hoped, I also hope that her story and poetry remind you of the power of God that you have within yourself to overcome anything.  Become like the trees, bend with the winds of life but donít break.  You have no idea how much you can really take.


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