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Power Principles

For Life on the Rock

Pastor Kent Grimes



by Pastor Kim Norris

City Church,  Bloomington, IN

From the Preface:

These are the foundational truths the elementary principles that every Christian should know and experience in life! These doctrines of Hebrews 6 should form the bedrock of our Christian faith!

Indeed, how can we go on to perfection without
first having gained a working understanding of these elementary principles?

The importance of a strong foundation cannot be over-emphasized. For the Christian, a firm undergirding in doctrine is an absolute necessity. It becomes the rock upon which to stand when personal faith in Jesus Christ is challenged.


-Table of Contents-





Kent Grimes has been a minister of the Word of God for over 34 years. He has years of experience as a senior pastor, associate and administrative pastor, Bible teacher, counselor, and currently is the Senior Pastor of "Church at the Well" in Indianapolis, Indiana. Kent, and his late wife, Kelly, have five children and six grandchildren.


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This powerful teaching manual was written by Pastor Kent Grimes while he was stilling working with us. 
Because I consider it one of the great teaching books on the principles of the doctrine of Christ, I am happy to present it to a new generation of readers who need its message now more than ever.

Pastor Kent Grimes is a teacher in the Body of Christ who has the gift of simplicity. From the beginning in his early days in the “Word of Faith” movement, he had a gift for breaking words and concepts down so that beginning Christians could understand.

He has served over twenty years as pastor, teacher, and administrator with us at City Church in Bloomington. He is now the pastor of the Church at the Well in Indianapolis, Indiana.

I pray this book will encourage, inspire, and establish you as it has so many others through the years.

Pastor Kim Norris



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