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From The Garden
To The Gathering

An introduction to the Bible
and to the overall Bible story
for seekers and new converts.

Dwayne Spradlin


Gospel Services Ministries was formed in January of 2007 by Lance and Dwayne Spradlin. The purpose of this work is to provide materials to be used by individuals and congregations. Training and instructional materials have been developed covering many areas.

At some point in the lives of many they realize there is a need for them to establish a relationship with God. They believe in God and they know there must be something they have to do in order to please God and be accepted into His kingdom.

This book was written in response to a request that was made by an individual who wanted to be able to more fully understand the entire picture that the Bible, the Word of God, presents. Often this is an imposing task for a person with no training or instruction.

It is certainly not the intention of Gospel Services Ministries for this material to in any way take the place of the Bible!
This is simply a brief overview of the Bible. If an individual desires to be able to understand the whole picture, this effort will perhaps in some small way enable them to do so. We suggest a person read this material and then begin a systematic study of the Bible. Our material can serve as a reference as that study is undertaken.  

Table of Contents

The Need

Old Testament Summary

God Speaks to Man

The Silent Years

The New Testament Books

The New Testament Age

The Church is Here!

What Is Christianity?

One Body

Misunderstandings About Revelation

One More Thought



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