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Fresh Air

God and Us

Frances Lee


Welcome to "Fresh Air,"
a book about God and us.

I wrote it for three reasons:

To point out the importance of God in life
     and in the structure of our country

To emphasize the significance of Jesus
     and the New Covenant

To call attention to the effort to rid our
     country of Christianity

Fresh Air takes you to the heart of God to reflect on His character, His nature, His unconditional love and His tough love. We discuss the message of God, His blessings and His mission. We hope to give you reason to be encouraged, optimistic, comforted in the midst of trials and turmoil and the responsibilities we face in this age of unreason.

I am fallible, and Fresh Air
is for fallible people.

Although God is a spirit, our intention is to plant a portrait of
Him in your heart signed,
I love you.


                                                           Frances Lee


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