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Networking Nuggets
Leadership Presentations

Eddy Ketchersid


Networking Nuggets is a great resource for business people and leaders who want to enhance their skills for connecting well with others.

The book includes 15 presentations that you can use to motivate and inspire others in your organization.





  Eddy Ketchersid

      Community Minister,

      Farmers Branch Church of Christ

      Dallas, Texas

     Eddy Ketchersid has had a long career in Christian
     ministry and community service.  He has been a
     leader in Chambers of Commerce for over thirty years.


      As you know, a “nugget” is just a small amount of precious material.  Most all precious material comes this way‑ in relatively small amounts.  There’s a lot more dirt in this world than there is gold, and the gold is almost always first discovered in small nuggets, hidden away in worthless dirt. 

In business and in life, the precious materials for success (like wisdom and knowledge, experience and character, influence and leadership ability) come to us gradually over time.  They aren’t dumped on us by the truckload on “Day One” of our career (or on any other particular day for that matter).  These important factors in anyone’s success story are the product of successive influences and experiences in life which, in the end, prove to be precious nuggets‑ cherished personal assets. 

Nugget discoveries and life-shaping experiences become precious career assets for us only after we commit our own blood, sweat and tears (and faith and hope), to risk-taking endeavors.  People who go to work, attempting to pan out the precious materials for success in the business world, over time, do indeed put nuggets in their pouch‑ almost every day.  Hopefully, as you pan through this book, you will pouch a nugget or two and consider this a productive day.  Remember, on more than one occasion, the discovery of a single nugget has led to a gold mine.

      Nuggets are not only small, they are solid.  This book is intentionally small‑ and solid.  Business people are busy people.  They have a habit of sifting through the bulk of the material that comes at them daily, looking for the precious, solid stuff that will help them in their business.  There is some precious, solid stuff in this book and it is purposely unencumbered and easy to access.  In fact, this preface is bulkier than just about any other chapter of the book!

 Whatever your final assessment is of the value of the nuggets offered here, you will no doubt agree that the nugget that you determine to be of value to you did not require you to sift through too much material to get at it.  The material is presented in digest or outline form.  It could be expounded upon and illustrated endlessly, but the intent here is to present nuggets, not truckloads of material within which there are nuggets.  As an entrepreneur, manager, professional, or ambitious beginner, you can use these nuggets to enhance your own effectiveness in the business world.  All you need is the nugget; you know what to do with it when you discover it!

Table of Contents



Foreword:  There’s A Little Bit Of Gold In This Book

About The Author

Three Ways This Book Can Help You

 Introduction:  How To Eat Fish

Ch. 1          Connecting – It’s Vital To Your Success

Ch. 2          Connecting – What Is Your Target?

Ch. 3          Connecting – Yes, But How?

Ch. 4          Connecting – Meet Them Where They Are

Ch. 5          5 Point Check List For Initial Connection

Ch. 6          Positive Attraction –
                    How To Help People Like You

Ch. 7          Positive Attraction –
                    The Way You Carry Yourself

Ch. 8          Barbecue First – To Help People Like You

Ch. 9          Trust – How Do You Develop It?

Ch. 10        Competition – Make It Your Friend

Ch. 11        Ca$h In On The Power Of “A Good Word”

Ch. 12        A Thank You Note Is Powerful

Ch. 13        Your 30/60 Second Commercial –
                    Why It’s So Important

Ch. 14        Life Serves Lemons With Everything

Ch. 15        What Goes Around Comes Around

        On some occasion, you may want to present the material offered here to others in your organization or enterprise.  These chapters will easily serve as an outline for your own expounding and illustrating of these nuggets for success.  For your convenience, at the end of each chapter, is an even briefer outline handout, which could be used to give your associates a visual and permanent copy of the nugget material you would be presenting to them.  The goal is that you find this material both helpful and very practical for your own use.

 The proceeding chapters of this book are specifically networking nuggets.  They are about connecting positively with people and maximizing those connections for success in life and business.  No matter what your business or career goals, you can only be successful by interacting positively with other people.  You need their business and they need your business! 

 No matter what the enterprise, success is to some extent dependent upon people effectively networking with others.  Those “others” may be in the local community or around the world in the global community.  They may be in our own business sector or in sectors beyond our own personal expertise.  Whatever the case, our chances for success are greatly improved through the enhancement of our own skills for personal influence and leadership. 

 Eddy Ketchersid knows how to connect with people‑ and he does.  He has made a career of it.  The focus of his life’s work has been in church ministry and community service (primarily through leadership in Chambers of Commerce and working with the local City Administrations). 

Eddy has only served two churches over a ministry career that spans 47 years since his graduation from Abilene Christian University in 1959.  That’s a 28-year ministry with one congregation in the city of South Houston (a suburb of metropolitan Houston) and now, a 19-year ministry with the Farmers Branch Church of Christ in metropolitan Dallas.  These tenures are unusual and far exceed the norm for Christian ministry positions.  Such lengthy and effective pastorates are not possible without authentic skill in connecting with people.

 In both South Houston and Farmers Branch, Eddy has been a pillar in the Chambers of Commerce.  He has served in various capacities on the executive boards and committees of the Chambers, especially in the Ambassadors groups.  City administrators in both South Houston and Farmers Branch have come to depend on him for trustworthy service and competent leadership for those civic projects that require the cooperation of multiple sectors of the community (the city officials, the business leaders and the citizens of the community).  His relational skills have often been tapped to bring the community together.  He has been recognized “Citizen of the Year” in both localities.

 The material offered in this book represents values and principles that have proven helpful to Eddy in his objective of successfully connecting with people.  These Networking Nuggets can produce in you, and for you, precious skill assets that will help you reach your own career goals as well.