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The Divine Dilemma                                                    

and Other Reflections on the Cross                                                    Books by David Langford





               Edward Fudge

You’ve heard the old saying, “The more things change, the more they remain the same.” This folk proverb tells the truth about our own day when compared with the first-century world in which the gospel was first preached. Then and now, people were busy with other interests. It was not easy in the first century to admit one’s personal guilt and to acknowledge a sin-problem beyond one’s own ability to fix. Those things are just as difficult today. Many were put off then by the story of a suffering and dying Savior, and many still are today. A message of “I’m ok – you’re ok!” or “Jesus will make you happy, rich and problem-free” was a crowd-getter in the days of Peter, Paul and John. And (you guessed it!) those same spiels still draw crowds and sell books today.

The problem with those themes is that they simply are not true. In the end, they always leave their victims standing there in the dust with the taste of ashes in their mouths. The gospel message, on the other hand, is not attractive to everyone, but it tells us the truth about the ways things really are. We are sinners by our own fault (in addition to that of our ancestor Adam), deserving of God’s judgment. God really did love the word anyway, so much that he sent his Son into our broken society, to live and die as one of us to bring us back to God. But as dark as things looked that day when Jesus hung on a Roman cross, the weekend was just starting and the ultimate struggle between light and darkness was only half-finished. The story ends (you know this already, so this is not a “spoiler”) with Jesus trouncing Satan thoroughly and rising from the dead, later to ascend to heaven in glory and power.

That story – the gospel – the good news of the only real Savior this world has ever known and the only one it will ever need – is the grand theme of this book. And, as fine a story-teller as David Langford is, there is something about him that I appreciate even more. That “something” is that he not only tells this story every chance he gets, he also lives by this story every day of his life. What he does authenticates what he says. If you know David personally, you already understand and appreciate all this. Whether you know him or not, you will be blessed, informed and encouraged as you read this book. Someday, in the new heavens and earth, we can all get to know each other forever. But for now, blessed reading!

 Edward Fudge writes the international internet column graceEmail and is author of several books including Hebrews: Ancient Encouragement for Believers Today and The Fire that Consumes.


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“Dave Langford takes the stories that we have heard over and over again and makes them fresh.  This book is well written and has great insights.  He captures the sentimental feeling that I want to experience at Christmas and couples it with great Biblical teaching.”

- Milton Jones
Northwest Church, Seattle, Washington



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