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It's All About Jesus

Poetry from the pen of

Paula Chung Samad



     Iím coming to you from the Beautiful Caribbean shores of Trinidad and Tobago. I am Paula Chung-Samad, a child of God who loves writing. I am so grateful for this gift that the Lord has given to me, a gift that soothes my soul, comforts my heart, and gives wings to my imagination. My goal in writing is to encourage a closer walk with God for others and myself as well; for us to appreciate family, friends, the gift of mother nature, and to encourage peace, love, and unity among our fellowmen regardless of color, religion, creed, or race. May God continue to bless my island in the sun where love grew up, and may God bless America and all other countries in the entire world. May we remember the less fortunate and hope for prayer to be a part of the school curriculum.

     Itís important for us to remember if we take God out of the equation, weíll never be able to solve the problem. I believe we can make a difference, for With God All Things Are Possible. We must remember to be about our Fatherís business.





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