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25 free books
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(300-399 pages: 15 free books)
(400-500 pages: 10 free books)

A custom-designed, full-color cover.

Interior book design and  manuscript formatting.

Official ISBN number. Bar Coding on the cover.  Copyright is held by author.

Your book will be listed in Books In Print and available to bookstores through wholesale distributors.

50% royalty on profits from the sales of your book.

Right to purchase books for your own marketing
at wholesale cost.

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2nd Book Discount - 50%

Ketch Publishing authors can
publish additional books for a
publishing fee of only $300.00



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Why Is
No One Following Me?

Techniques taught by
Executive Leadership Coaches
to muscle-up your leadership.

James Johnson
Rebekah Mathis-Stump
Matt Rush
Angela Huffman

- Info -      $14.95




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Allen Ketchersid

  New Book From Paula Williams Tyson: 



 The Habitat of Hospitality

Curtis McClane
Craig Cottingim

- Info -   $14.95

The Authority of Scripture
in the Twenty-First Century

Challenges and Opportunities

Jeff Childers,

Kenneth Hawley

Michael Martin

- Info -      $10.00



Parents Manual



Which Race
Are You Running?

Willie McLaurin

-Info-     $12.95

Ten Commandments
Of Leadership Networking

Leadership Presentations

Eddy Ketchersid

- Info -      $12.95

Pursuing Peace
In The Kingdom

Thomas A. Langford

- Info -      $10.00

Spiritual Formation
and the Future of the
Stone-Campbell Churches

Kent Ellett, David Langford,
Joe R. Jones, Carson Reed

- Info -    $12.00

The Divine Dilemma

and Other
Reflections on the Cross

David Langford

-Info-     $12.00

A Curse,

A Cradle and A Cross

Reflections on the
Christmas Story

David Langford

- Info -      $10.00


Open Our Eyes, Lord

100 devotionals
from the pen of:

G. B. Shelburne III

- Info -     $10.00

Yesterday's Roses

Carmyn Gem Morrow Pitts

- Info -       $22.00



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